How To Make Healthy Breakfast For Kids. For children, especially those who go to school, eating a healthy breakfast provides the perfect meal to start their day. Keep them full until a loud and high-security breakfast is broken. In the subcontinent, all breakfast dishes prepared by the mother are nutritious enough to keep the young and active.

  • So we need to look for the best and best breakfast treats for teenagers to bleed.
  • To start the day on the right note, try a luxurious and vibrant breakfast plan like Power Poha, Corn Parrot, Idli, and Musli.


  • This parable is one of the best found in all kitchens and is considered the fastest breakfast structure ever.
  • It is excellent coordination with some simple improvements.
  • It is consistently important and strongly preserved by incorporating infected vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, beans, and peas near Rawa.
  • Serve warm with size, which will make your child feel much better.

2-Toast with spinach and tomatoes

  • Tomatoes with Sprouts and Spinach Spread with Peppermint Multigrain Bread.
  • Children appreciate one of the benefits of a great and strong diet, and adults consider low cholesterol at the beginning of the day.

3-Power Squad Oats

  • Anything that is exceptionally well made is nutritious, and when it is grown from foods everything is satisfactory.
  • Why not give it a shot at home? It is satisfactory for children as the trademark is crisp, sweet and dry for the most part.
  • It provides a great deal of concentration and vision in a workday like Sail Fire to fight power-stuffed oat disease and keep us healthy.
  • It is stuffed with sunflowers, nuts and sesame seeds with brown germs and oats.

4-Makes a stuffed moong dosa

  • If your little ones love to eat reps and veggie steak, they’ll appreciate this dinner too.
  • It is one of the strongest feasts facing protein, iron, and calcium.
  • This is a creative and elegant way of dealing with oversight.
  • Eat extra sprouts with different vegetables like cabbage and carrot and enjoy with chat masala.
  • To set this recipe, mix the soft paste with basic water. Add rice flour and salt and mix well so that it does not form in a pack.
  • Set the editor for error consistency. The vegetables were all sliced ​​and tossed.

5-Corn and capsicum

  • Whole grains and capsicum are just as good. See that they complement each other in everything from surface to taste.
  • The corn is sweet and rich, the capsicum crunchy and refined.
  • Easy to make with irrelevant fixings, cereals and capsicum ticks are the sound supplier for your little ones at the beginning of the day.
  • Mix the corn, rice flour and salt in a blender without using water.
  • Mix it up well and make the best-sized round tire. Roast these tickets and serve them with green chutney.

6-Pav Bhaji using beetroot

  • Plan on bhaji using fuzzy vegetables from you without distraction.
  • After a while, your teenagers get upset about them. Serve with hot bread or pav.

7-Sandwich with Fire

  • Teenagers and teenagers love cedar
  • Everyone loves to announce a banquet on the huge shore.
  • Try cooking this sandwich with some extra cheddar stuffing with vegetables like capsicum, carrots, and corn.

8-Mixed greens are served in sandwich eggs

  • Gatekeepers weighed in to put eggs for breakfast for their children.
  • It is high in protein and very appealing in today’s basic category.
  • To fill the bread egg sandwich, combine the eggs with some simple vegetables and bread.
  • This is notable from other egg projects for children’s breakfast.

9-Fry half the egg with bread

  • It is one of the best Indian breakfast dishes and is an excellent nutritional supplement.
  • Put some oil in the holder and dip the egg into it. Cook partially to prevent egg yolk from breaking.
  • Remove most of the eggs eaten by the worms and serve with a spread of cooked bread.
  • Half Egg Fry with Half Bread is served by children, children, and youth.

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